Carrara Animation

Most of my recent work uses Carrara in some way or another, some basic modelling or manipulation of models, animation and rendering. For example the Flea Film uses Carrara Pro 5 and Poser via the Transposer application, it's also been used for making morph targets for the Ring Masters tail coat. Captain Correct has also used Carrara but it may be moved to something like Anime Studio.

Because Carrara Pro comes with 5 render nodes and I don't want to have to get 5 extra copies of Windows XP, I've done some experimentation of running Carrara on Linux using the Wine application.

Carrara On Linux Screenshot

There's a new version of Carrara was launched in 2007, Carrara 6 and I've summarised some of the new features in my Animation Ramblings Blog

The new functionality of Non Linear Animation (NLA) appears for the first time in Carrara 6 so I've been looking at using that for the film and have written a tutorial to get you started.

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