The Flea Show - A Stop Motion Victorian Flea Circus

An animated short film from ACE Animation about a Victorian Flea Circus. The idea for the film is based on a production made by Olivier Crepin Le-Blond from PSTOIC.

Welcome to my Flea Circus
Olivier's Flea Circus

"Thank you"

"Thank you "

"Welcome to our Flea Circus"

Poster for Flea Circus

A high board and tub of water Overview

The fleas will perform various feats of bravery and strength, including a high wire and multiple somersaults into a tub of water, watched by an audience of cardboard cutouts. Due to an unfortunate series of events non of the tricks go too well and the fleas have to be taken away one by one.

The style is intended to mimic a model stop motion animation but is all made in the computer.

Production Details

Flea Circus Research

A high wire In the process of gathering flea circus research for this this film many strange and interesting flea and flea circus facts and fiction have been discovered.

2020 Media Hosting

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