The Script

Here is the script for the project with the voices recorded. Only limited processing has been done on the audio so far, primarily removal of long pauses. Some cleaning up of the background noise will be required. To reduce download times, these files have sampled at a lower rate.

"Captain Correct and the English Lesson"
 The gang of kids meet a Geek in the park
Kid1: Hey Geek! Shot1
Kid2: Look at the Geek!
Kid3: Yeah, you're a Geek!
 Captain Correct flying sequence, then sees the kids and flys down to save the day
Captain Correct: What seams to be the problem here? Shot2
Geek: Those kids are calling me a Geek
 Captain Correct addresses the kids
Captain Correct: Now, Kids, Are you sure that calling him a Geek is the correct thing to do? Shot3
Captain Correct: Just because someone may be smart or they use computers, is it necessary to taunt him? Shot4
Kid3: Actually we were making fun of him because he's stupid Shot5
Captain Correct: Oh
Captain Correct: Well, in that case... You should call him a DORK? Shot6
Kids (taunting): Dork! Dork! Dork! Shot7
 Captain Correct addresses the kids
Captain Correct: Remember, kids! If you must pick on others, be sure to use the proper slur!
 Camera pans to show blackboard

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